The Center for House Church Theology (CHCT) desires to foster and further the international publishing of pastors, church leaders, and teachers committed to the historic gospel of grace in China’s urban house churches.


In promoting the theological leadership of China’s urban house churches, we believe dialogue between Christians in China and those from other cultural contexts will lead to mutual edification and sanctification.


Who We Are 我们是谁

We are a group of Chinese and American thinkers and scholars devoted to learning from China’s house church tradition as it seeks to understand the city of God in our world’s growing urban spaces. We also have an incredible team of translators whose linguistic gifts open the doors between heaven’s global communities.


What We Believe 我们的信念

We are denominationally and institutionally independent with a commitment to the historic gospel of grace as expressed by the Apostles’ Creed and the Lausanne Covenant. The pastors we publish are preaching, writing, and theologizing in China’s urban centers. They come from the house church tradition and are committed to the historic gospel of grace. They are roughly one third non-denominational, one third baptist, and one third presbyterian.


Why Start a Center? 为什么要建立一个中心?

If you searched online today for “Chinese house church,” you would find many worthy articles, blogs, and books by knowledgable journalists, scholars, and China-watchers that could help explain what is taking place in China’s churches sociologically and politically. But there are very few places seeking to highlight and platform what is taking place within the Chinese house church theologically. Unless you read Chinese, it is difficult to access the gospel voice of the urban Chinese house church. We seek to change that.


CHCT seeks to amplify the voice of the house church through careful study and selection of the best theological works being produced by house church pastors and theologians in mainland China. By bringing together various scholars and experts on house church Christianity for collaboration, we hope to provide a corpus of content. As the Chinese house church not only grows numerically, but also in theological reflection, we identify this content as relevant for the Chinese diaspora; other marginalized and persecuted churches seeking wisdom from non-Western sources; churches in need of spiritual revitalization in a fractured secular and digital age; and the global church generally.


In addition to recruiting fellows among the rising generation of house church scholars, overseas workers pursuing advanced degrees on topics regarding house church Christianity, and those involved with publishing within mainland China, CHCT also solicits responses from well-known theologians and leaders outside of China, hoping to create a two-way dialogue with one of the world’s largest churches which has been isolated for most of its history. To find out how you might become involved with CHCT as a fellow or by reviewing or responding to an essay, please email [email protected].

除了招募新一代家庭教会学者、攻读家庭教会基督教主题高级学位的海外工作者以及在中国大陆从事出版工作的人之外,CHCT还征求中国境外知名神学家和领袖的回应,希望与世界上最大的教会之一建立双向对话,这个教会在历史上大部分时间都是孤立的。如果您想了解如何成为CHCT的一员,或通过审阅或回复一篇文章,请发送电子邮件至[email protected]

What Can the West Learn From the Urban Chinese House Church?西方可以从中国城市家庭教会中学到什么?

Chinese pastors plant churches and serve their cities amid growing persecution, with limited political rights and restricted public platforms. If the church in the West fears increased social marginalization, we should learn from churches that have been marginalized, remained faithful, and grown.


Furthermore, the estimated percentage of professing Christians in China has grown sixtyfold since 1970. If we want revival in the West, we should look to where the church is experiencing revival.


Some of the distinctive teachings of the house church that we would like to publish are on the subjects of suffering, union with Christ, eschatology, public theology, and contextual Chinese preaching and evangelism.