Who We Are我们是谁

WORLD produces sound journalism, grounded in facts and biblical truth. Through print magazines, online articles, and podcast programs, our trained journalists report on current events both global and national so that readers and listeners can see how God is at work in the world, no matter the headlines.WORLD


Who We Serve我们为谁服务

WORLD readers and listeners are made up of thoughtful believers who aim to competently talk about and pray about the news. They can think for themselves and prefer to draw their own conclusions. They want the truth, and they understand that the truth demands a biblical context, or it’s not the whole truth. News delivered this way compels them to act. Led by the Spirit, they are often emboldened to pray, love, and serve others in light of what they learn.

WORLD 的读者和听众由有思想的信徒组成,他们的目标是能够有效地谈论新闻并为新闻祈祷。他们可以自己思考,更喜欢得出自己的结论。他们想要真理,并且他们明白真理需要圣经背景,否则就不是全部真理。以这种方式传递的消息迫使他们采取行动。在圣灵的引导下,他们常常根据所学到的知识,更有勇气去祈祷、爱和服务他人。



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