National Review was founded in 1955 by William F. Buckley Jr. as a magazine of conservative opinion. It went on to define the modern conservative movement and continues to shape its direction in profound ways. Today, NR is a multimedia enterprise publishing a monthly magazine and operating a 24/7 website, both of which feature the brightest and best minds in conservative letters. The magazine and website — along with NR’s popular podcasts and videos — are a vital source for detailed and thought-provoking commentary on the political and cultural issues of the day; original news coverage on the same; and explorations of the arts in all its forms.


Since its founding, the magazine has played a significant role in the development of conservatism in the United States, helping to define its boundaries[5] and promoting fusionism while establishing itself as a leading voice on the American right.[5][6][7] [5]<

创刊以来,该杂志在美国保守主义的发展中发挥了重要作用,帮助界定了保守主义的界限 ,促进了融合,同时确立了自己在美国右翼的领导地位。



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